About the Farm

-Our Beginning-

I have owned these beautiful 6 acres for about 37 years....I raised Clydesdale horses on the farm, and named them Ike and Mamie - the stables at the time was named "White House Stables".  We also boarded the City of Savannah Police Horses for several years.  I eventually leased out the farm to a real horse lady who had a big riding school and taught riding lessons.  She was there almost 18 years and unfortunately passed. That's when we decided to build some sort of memorial for my great great Grandfather who fought in the Civil War right here where I live in Richmond Hill.  He fought at Fort McAllister which is now a historic monument

The farm was beautiful, I wanted to share it and I knew something really great could be done with it - that's when photography came to mind.  I  posted a message on social media that I had a beautiful 6 acres and would anyone be interested in taking photos out there.  I got in contact with one of the replies, and she came out to take a look and said it would be great for photography.  She mentioned something called a "photography park"-where a photographer brings a client & takes photos utilizing the land as well as any sort of photo prop that was on the property.  I had never heard of a photo park and have come to realize neither has anyone else!  


-The Idea-

-From idea to reality-

Our first space was a  civil war room as a memorial to my great great grandfather, then the others just fell in place. We worked the property for several years - keeping the old barn a real barn but converting each individual horse stall as a "theme room", with one remaining (but we have something in the works!) There are other props throughout the property as well as the landscape alone providing an amazing backdrop for your photos, most props are able to be moved and rearranged to suit your photography needs. We hope you find the perfect memory to make!